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A Must Have For Anyone Driving With a Baby On Board!

With Lusso Gear’s Baby Mirror you will never have to struggle to keep an eye on your child while driving again. It installs in seconds and the extra large shatterproof mirror will give you a crystal clear view of your little angel in the backseat.

Shatterproof Quick & Easy InstallationInstalls in SecondsSuperior Quality & ConstructionSturdy, Will Stay in Place11.5″ Extra Wide Crystal Clear ViewEasy To Remove When Not Being UsedPivots in Any Direction3 Stylish Colors

Lusso Gear Baby MirrorLusso Gear Baby Mirror

Lusso Gear Car Baby Mirror

Want a practical way to keep a watchful eye on your baby in the backseat? This is your answer!

Lusso Gear Back Seat Baby Mirror

Lusso Gear Back Seat Baby Mirror



Lusso Gear baby mirror

Lusso Gear baby mirror

Pivots to any angle

Pivots to any angle

Keep An Eye On Your Child In The Backseat While You’re Driving

The shatterproof mirror will lets you keep an eye on your child while driving. No more turning around or taking your eyes off the road to check on your baby. Just one glance at your rear view mirror and you’ll see what your child is doing.

Crystal Clear Viewing

The extra large 11.5″ mirror features a premium matte finish that is designed for a crystal clear view of your child. Included with every purchase is a microfiber cleaning cloth. It is already easy to clean but our microfiber cleaning cloth makes it that much easier.

Quick & Easy Installation

Our mirrors install quickly and easily. Installation takes seconds and removing the mirror is just as fast! In just 3 easy steps, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can see what your child is doing in the backseat.

Adjusts With Ease

Our baby mirrors are completely secure and will stay put on even the bumpiest of roads. Baby outgrew their car seat? Adjust and pivot in any direction to get the best angle for keeping an eye on your baby.

Like Having Eyes on the Back of Your Head

Lusso Gear baby mirrorLusso Gear baby mirror

When babies are fussing and crying we have no choice but to take our eyes off the road and turn around to make sure they are alright. With Lusso Gear’s Baby Mirror, after seconds of installation, that problem will be a thing of the past. Our mirror is secure, adjustable, and shatterproof so you can get the best angle to keep an eye on your little one without having to turn around and take your eyes off the road. It’ll be like having eyes in the back of your head!

Quick & Easy Installation – No Tools Required!

Lusso Gear back seat baby mirrorLusso Gear back seat baby mirror

As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: Wrap the vertical strap around the headrest, clip & tighten the strap

Step 2: Wrap the horizontal strap around the headrest, clip & tighten the strap

Step 3: Adjust the mirror to the ideal angle for a crystal clear view and enjoy

Lusso Gear Handcrafted Car Accessories Inspired By Italian DesignLusso Gear Handcrafted Car Accessories Inspired By Italian Design

Check Out Lusso Gear’s Complete Line of Interior Car Accessories On Amazon

Established in 2016, Lusso Gear has been an esteemed believer in making cars more dependable for kids and parents. We have diversified our range of products to include products that protect your family. We understand that driving with babies and infants in your car can become quite a daunting task at times. Crying babies can divert a mom’s attention. Our products aim to help you organize your car rides with your kid.

Automobiles and car rides can be quite a hassle all on their own, especially when you have babies accompanying you. All their toys, food essentials and other stuff are scattered everywhere. Acquaint yourself with our finest range of handy products designed to make your life simple and easy. Our car seat protectors, kick mats and back seat organizers are ideal for anyone who has to deal with a mess in their car on every other occasion.

You can enjoy a smooth comfortable ride, while you buckle in and make your child feel comfortable and secure with car seat protectors and upholsters. We have upheld the standard and quality of our products to provide you with the most durable collection of our finest range of car mats and back seat organizers. Say goodbye to the mess in the back seat; with clustered toys and books lying around. Equip yourself with our organizing heavy duty back seat kick mats for storage purposes. Our custom designs are highly modifiable to your needs. If you wish to change or to reevaluate any modification in our sleek design we are more than comfortable to abide.

Lusso Gear takes pride in providing reliable devices for your cars and automobiles. Our premium range of high quality products are bound to impress you.

A BACK SEAT MIRROR THAT WILL STAY IN PLACE: Forget what you know about car baby mirrors that need constant readjusting and fall out of place every few minutes. This rear facing mirror’s unique secure mount system will make sure it stays in place and keeps giving you a panoramic view of your little one!
QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: For a toddler’s parent, we know every minute counts. That’s why we’ve designed our mirrors to be easy to install in less than a minute!
SUPERIOR QUALITY & CONSTRUCTION: Lusso Gear back seat children’s mirrors are made with nothing but superior quality materials.
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: At Lusso Gear, we have absolute faith in our rear facing baby car mirrors. We use them in our own vehicles! If, however, you find anything wrong with your mirror, do not hesitate to let us know and we will take care of it. Your satisfaction is paramount!

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